Lance Armstrong wins at Gastown

Lance Armstrong wins the 1991 Gastown Grand Prix.

He’s the most recognized cyclist in the world and holds the record for most victories at the Tour de France with an astonishing seven. But long before the Tours, and before his 1993 World Championship title in Oslo, Lance was a talented 19-year-old riding for the pro-am Subaru-Montgomery team. The year was 1991, and Lance had just switched his focus to cycling after triathlons weren’t included for the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona.

He’d been to Vancouver before, for a triathlon in 1988, and now he was back for the Gastown Grand Prix with his teammate Jonas Carney, who’d won it the year before. On the start line with them were Tour de France veterans like Alex Stieda, Roy Knickman and Davis Phinney. Lance beat them all, and while he’d won the Settimana Bergamasca pro-am in Italy earlier in the year, this was his first big cycling win in North America.

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